Preventive Care

Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure! And this is certainly a strong belief for our team at Enhance. Early diagnosis means early intervention. We value the health and longevity of your teeth as much as their beauty. After all, the mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body!

The consequence of putting off dental care until there is pain can be very serious– not just to your mouth but to your health. For more information on the connection between heart and oral health contact us on 3217 6688.

Preventative steps

Some of the preventative steps you can take:

  • Brush twice daily with a soft tooth brush with rounded bristles
  • Use a tooth paste catering to your specific conditions (we can advise you)
  • Floss at least once daily
  • Use mouth rinse if advised by your dentist (it’s not necessary for everyone)
  • Replace your toothbrush every three to four months
  • Visit us every six months for a comprehensive examination and clean


Some of the preventative steps we take include the following:

Examination and education

Being thorough means taking the time. We take time to explain what is happening, what you can do at home to improve your oral health and what options you have in relation to treatment. When we present the information in a relaxed and comfortable setting, you can begin to understand the need for treatment. Unlike what you may have experienced previously, we take the time to ensure our examinations are comprehensive and very thorough, spending at least a full hour at this critical early stage in our care for you. We won’t just tell you what needs to happen, we will show you and ensure you understand so are in agreeance with any and all treatment moving forward.

Fissure seals

Fissure seals are preventative barriers on children’s teeth used to target the areas most susceptible to dental decay. We use a 4 step approach – not the old fashioned two step,  to ensure the best possible outcomes. Fissures seals are most effective when applied to children’s newly erupted adult molars. This is because immediately after eruption is when children’s teeth are most vulnerable to decay.

Laser diagnostics

DIAGNODENT laser aids in the detection of cavities. Even very small lesions are detected at the earliest stage, enabling us to protect and preserve the tooth structure before significant damage has occurred. For clinical results, visit the DIAGNODENT site.

Digital and Panoramic radiography

X-rays are used to identify and monitor early decay, pockets of build up and the position of unerupted teeth. Our digital Panoramic radiographs (OPG), allow us to look at the health of the full mouth and observe things on a broader scale. The major advantage of digital radiography is immediate results, images are sent straight to the dentist’s computer which provides for easier diagnosis. Better still, digital radiography equipment emits about 90% less radiation than traditional methods.

Intra-oral camera

Our camera has a magnification capacity of 300% to help identify problem areas. Especially those that are not visible to the naked eye. Another benefit is that you will be able to see your teeth up close and personal and your dentist will be able to point out to you what she has identified and explain the treatment options.

Early decay reversal

With the use of certain medicated pastes, creams and liquids (tailored to your specific case) we can often reverse decay in it’s earliest stages without the need for further intervention. Compliance is key if you want to avoid a filling or further treatment.