Children’s Dentistry

At Enhance, our practice is dedicated to caring for oral health across the lifespan. We start with helping infants to achieve optimum oral function by treating oral restrictions that impact infant feeding. we are one of the few practices skilled enough to treat oral restrictions in toddlers, avoiding the risks of general anaesthetic and helping establish good eating and speaking habits from an early age. Once children turn one, it’s important to consider their general dental health, and our team which is so experienced with treating very young children is uniquely placed to take care of their dental needs at such a tender age.

For older children, in addition to treating oral restrictions and caring for their general dental health, we also seek to establish good oral habits and plan for straight teeth with programs that can avoid the need for expensive and uncomfortable braces later in life.

Whatever their age, our team is dedicated to providing your children with the very best dental care available. We’re committed to providing your most precious child with the best possible start to life, ensuring their teeth are an asset that will stand them in good stead throughout their whole life. We help you to avoid the bullying and self consciousness that problems with teeth can cause and set your child up for a lifetime of compliments about their beautiful smile.

Children over 1 and under 3 have very special needs, and our team are well place to help beyond year one.

Children over 3 and up to 12 not only need their dental needs tended to but may have developed bad oral habits like thumb or finger sucking, chewing on their hair or mouth breathing. We can help identify and treat those bad habits as well as taking care of their teeth.

Our friendly team are very happy to answer any questions you have or to book an appointment. Please call us 07 3217 6688.