Breathing Education Program

Functional breathing is vital for good health.

At Enhance, we are committed to the philosophy of establishing competency rather than compensation. Our bodies have an amazing ability to compensate for dysfunction. If we injure our leg, we are still able to get around, but we can’t run. Walking with a limp eventually affects the health of our other leg, back, neck and other parts of our body. We can compensate, but compensation has consequences.

If our bodies can adapt to an injured leg, how much more quickly will our body adapt to dysfunctional breathing. We can survive without food for a few weeks, without water for a few days, but without oxygen we would die within a few minutes. Breathing is the most important thing our body does for survival and so it is very quick to adapt to dysfunction affecting breathing. So quickly in fact that we adjust often without even realising it – but such compensations have consequences.

You may be suffering from the symptoms of dysfunctional or disordered breathing, especially during sleep. While there are a number of solutions for dealing with the symptoms of dysfunction, in line with our philosophy of encouraging competency rather than compensation, we are delighted to offer a breathing education program treating the root causes of disordered breathing, delivered by Dr Dan Hanson.

Dr Hanson is passionate about “functional breathing.” After stopping his own sleep apnoea, snoring and hay fever using the Buteyko Institute Method, he decided to train to become a Breathing Educator himself.

He now helps people to reduce the signs and symptoms of snoring, sleep apnoea, asthma and other related conditions using this technique

“Breathing” is one of Dr Dan’s “5 Pillars of Health.” It is said to be number 1 on the brain’s list of priorities for survival and so many conditions can be related to the body compensating to allow for breathing. For example, poor head and neck posture, and resultant pain can relate to mouth breathing.

Dr Dan is a member of The Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health, and a Fellow of Buteyko Practitioners International, and is co-founder of sleepYstrip.