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Evidence of tongue tie surgery outcomes

There has been much media coverage in recent times debating whether surgery should be performed to release tongue ties in infants. As is often the case with modern media, especially in this digital age of click bait and “fake news”, the angle these stories have taken has largely been sensationalist and negative. In a procedure […]

One of these things is not like the other one….

Having found out their child has a tongue or lip restriction, I often read about parents asking whether they should get it released by a surgeon who uses a laser or scissors. I also often see well meaning people, be they health practitioners or other parents, advise what matters is that the surgeon is well […]

The benefits of Craniofacial and Craniosacral therapy in treating tongue-tie

I have heard of some references that there is a lack of evidence about the benefits of chiropractic or osteopathic care and its relationship with breastfeeding. It is not uncommon for practitioners to segment our body into defined and separate elements, rather than organs and systems that are intrinsically linked and working in an integrated […]

Brisbane’s Most Deserving Mum – Her Smile makeover Journey with Enhance Dentistry

Enhance Dentistry Brisbane’s Most Deserving Mum Transformation from Enhance Dentistry on Vimeo. We know that Mums are always looking out for others and putting them first. Mother’s Day is a special opportunity for all of us to remember everything that the Mums in our lives do for us and our loved ones. We also know that Mums often put […]

You and your Medical Insurance cover

Has your medical insurance company ever tried to influence your choice of dentist? In a bid to reduce their costs (while increasing premiums), medical insurance companies may seek to subtly influence your choice of provider with schemes such as “members select” or “preferred provider” or by setting up their own clinics and recommending them to […]