State of the Art Facilities

By going to the dentist, you are investing in your dental health and confidence.  We have created beautiful rooms on Park Rd, Milton which give you every reason to feel assured you are in capable hands, while using only the best equipment available.

Lasers – to help identify decay better, to allow meticulous results in removing bacteria, for gum lifts in smile designs and much more. More about Lasers at Enhance.

The Wand Anaesthetic System – a system that delivers local anaesthetic in a digitally-controlled painless method.

Ozone gas – oxygen rich air delivery to help eliminate bacteria in teeth and gums, to speed up healing of ulcers and sores and more. More about ozone.

Ozone water  – oxygen rich water in various treatments to eliminate bacteria while your restorations and cleaning is completed.

Zoom! Advanced Tooth Whitening  – the tooth whitening system as seen on Extreme Makeover has improved it’s effectiveness again.  Zoom! Advanced is version 3 of this system and whitens teeth up to 8 shades lighter in just one visit.  Want to know more about Zoom? See a video about Zoom or visit the Zoom website

Air-Abrasion microdentistry– Rondo-flex TM allows conservative preparation and cleaning of cavities.  Prophy Flex uses baking soda and water spray to completely remove all plaque and surface stains on the teeth.

Digital X-rays– Our Schick CDR Elite X-ray system allows us to take X-rays and view them instantly.  This makes it more efficient and allows us to detect tiny defects on our computer screens.

Intra-oral Photographs  – Duur Vista Cam digital, the fully digital intra-oral camera from Germany  magnifies your tooth by up to 100 so we  can see even the smallest cracks and defects before they get large, deep or painful.  This helps take a conservative treatment approach – foreseeing a problem and preventing it from happening.  This means easier and more affordable treatment.

Snap Digital Imaging  To help you visualise what your teeth and the end result might look like if you had teeth whitening, Orthodontics, crowns, veneers or a gum lift, we provide the opportunity to get an idea through Snap!

This innovative technology allows you to see what is possible before commencing treatment.  It is a complimentary service for all patients considering treatment and only takes a few minutes.