COVID-19 Update

Information on Enhance Dentistry's response to COVID-19

Enhance Dentistry & Tongue Tie Clinic – COVID-19 update

Enhance Dentistry is still open, although in light of the current health emergency we’ve made a few changes to our operations. Please note this situation is changing rapidly and so the advice below is subject to change without notice.

We have taken extra precautions by implementing the Australian Government Infection Control measures for COVID-19 such as hand hygiene and physical distancing for patients (where possible) and frequent disinfection of office equipment and furniture.  Our team has undergone specialist COVID-19 infection control training. We are keeping up to date with all new information that is available.


Enhance Dentistry will not treat any patient who has symptoms of respiratory illness or who has been in contact with a symptomatic person or who has travelled from overseas within the last 14 days. All patients are asked screening questions prior to their appointment to determine if their appointment may proceed.

Consistent with advice from the Dental Board of Queensland, we are limiting treatment to those which cannot be delayed, or which help reduce strain on hospital and primary health care providers. These include:

  • Frenectomies for infants with the below criteria:
    Due to the risks associated with not breastfeeding / shortened breastfeeding duration, addressing restricted oral tissue is necessary and urgent
  • — Feeding difficulties
    — Poor weight gain
    — Breathing, swallowing (choking) or sleeping issues
    — Maternal symptoms such as nipple trauma, mastitis or post-natal mental health challenges due to inability to feed


    • Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy Main program – via video link
    • Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy Holding pattern – via video link (follow ups and conditioning)
    • Myofunctional Orthodontic treatment including Myobrace – where treatment process of oral myofunctional orthodontics has already commenced
    • Consultation for Tongue Tie / oral restrictions & Myofunctional Disorders– completed via video link
    • Emergency dental treatment

    Postponed Treatments

    • Frenectomies for toddlers, older children and adults with significant breathing or sleeping disorders are generally not considered urgent will be postponed except in exceptional severe circumstances.
    • Continuing care (check up and clean) visits
    • General dental treatment

    Travel from interstate

    Entry to Queensland is now only open to permit holders. While a permit can be obtained for essential medical treatment, we are uncertain at this time whether any of the treatments currently offered at Enhance would qualify. Please seek advice from the Queensland Government website.