Watch Brisbane’s Most Deserving Mum Smile makeover

We know that Mums are always looking out for others and putting them first. Mother’s Day is a special opportunity for all of us to remember everything that the Mums in our lives do for us and our loved ones.

We also know that Mums often put themselves last, so this year, the team at Enhance Dentistry in collaboration with the ceramicists at Werner Sauer Oral Design, wanted to help look after a very special mum. We went looking for Brisbane’s Most Deserving Mum, a woman who dedicates her life to the service of others, but often puts herself last.

We decided to give her a gift of a dental make-over up to the value of $30,000, because we wanted to help to reflect the beauty of a mum’s heart in her smile.

Angela nominated her mum, Lynne a wonderful mother who has dedicated her life to the service of others and transformed her smile. After years of dental challenges, Lynne now has the smile on the outside to match her beauty on the inside.

The journey of dental transformation for Brisbane’s Most Deserving Mum is complete. We were so touched by her story and so pleased with the results that we wanted to share it. Enjoy her moving story or find out more about cosmetic dentistry.