The view from the other side – Rachael Seymour, Dental Assistant

Rache - Dental Assistant

Hello everyone!

The other day, I was commenting to Dr Jones (yet again!) that I had never seen a dentist work with such precision and care.  I told her I could never work for anyone else after seeing her techniques and that people just don’t know the difference between a good job and bad job in their mouth.  She then suggested, “Well why don’t you tell them…”

So here I am with my own feature article!  I have had the chance to assist with a procedure that Dr Jones uses quite a bit.   I have worked in many practices during my 5 years as a dental assistant, and have experienced the variety of philosophies and techniques held by dentists when it comes to their work, especially when performing restorations (fillings). Before I started at Enhance, it seemed that the ‘norm’ was to drill straight into the top of a tooth with a large sized bur (drill) until any decay is removed, which often removed healthy tooth structure as well as the disease. Sometimes this cannot be avoided, but I have since learned that more often than not, there is a way via ‘tunnel dentistry’ that can avoid the removal of sound enamel tooth structure during restorations. This is a technique adopted and perfected by Dr Jones and one of the many reasons why I have so much confidence in her work.

If you’ve been to see Dr Jones you may have noticed that compared to other dentists, Dr Jones takes time to complete her fillings to perfection.  She often incorporates extra steps (like use of ozone gas or air-abrasion to ensure a clean, solid, long-lasting filling is placed).  Techniques like the tunnel technique and other procedures she does that are very precise and are better termed as “microdentistry”  (especially when she wears her funny-looking microscopic lenses).  I joke with Dr Jones that they don’t make instruments small enough for her to use because I’m constantly being asked for a smaller ‘this’ or ‘that’, but every time I assure her she is using the very smallest instrument of it’s kind in the practice. Of course, she doesn’t believe me.

You may only see the result of what she does but I get to see how she does it.  Her conservative approach to dentistry is truly rare to find and I’m very proud to be a part of providing this service to our wonderful patients.