The search for Brisbane’s most deserving Mum

We know that Mums are always looking out for others and putting them first. Mother’s Day is a special opportunity for all of us to remember everything that the Mums in our lives do for us and our loved ones.

We also know that Mums often put themselves last, so this year, the team at Enhance Dentistry in collaboration with the ceramicists at Werner Sauer Oral Design, want to help you look after the special mum in your life. We’re looking for Brisbane’s Most Deserving Mum, a woman who dedicates her life to the service of others, but often puts herself last. We’d like to offer that special mum the gift of a dental make-over up to the value of $30,000, because we want to help to reflect the beauty of a mum’s heart in her smile.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Nominate a deserving mum (and that might be yourself!) by completing the form below and telling us in 100 words or less, why this special mum is Brisbane’s most deserving and upload a picture of her smiling face.
  2. We’ll look at all of the nominations and decide on a list of finalists. These finalists will be offered a complimentary comprehensive examination in our rooms at 33 Park Rd, Milton.
  3. We’ll then award the title of Brisbane’s Most Deserving Mum to one of the finalists, including the gift of a dental makeover valued at up to $30,000!
  4. Nominations close on 30 June 2013 at 5pm AEST and finalists will be informed by 14 July 2013 at 5pm AEST.

Nominations have now closed

Terms and conditions

Dr Marjan Jones of Enhance Dentistry will provide a complimentary comprehensive examination for finalists to determine the suitability for dental treatment. This is inclusive of a consultation, all tests, radiographs, models, photographs, and other data gathering steps required for diagnosis. The comprehensive examination will take place on a day and time nominated by Enhance Dentistry. The complimentary comprehensive examination will not be available to finalists at any other time.

The gift of up to $30,000 dental treatment (“the gift”) may only be used for treatment recommended by and provided by Dr Marjan Jones.

Dr Jones complies with AHPRA rules and guidelines and the ADA code of ethics and will not recommend treatment she does not, in her professional opinion, genuinely believe is required and/or suitable for the health and appearance of a patient’s teeth and mouth. This may mean that the recommended treatment amounts to less than the full $30,000 value of the gift. The remaining amount cannot be redeemed for any other services at any time.

The gift may be used towards dental treatment diagnosed as required and to be performed by Dr Marjan Jones including the cost of treatment of oral diseases, cosmetic enhancement with restorations including ceramics (crowns/veneers/onlays/inlays/bridges) where the laboratory work is provided by Werner Sauer Oral Design. The gift may not be used for products or medicaments such as tooth mousse, electric tooth brushes or medicines and supplements. The gift may not be used towards laboratory services associated with orthodontic appliances or night guards or for services provided by a lab other than Werner Sauer Oral Design. The gift may not be used for services provided by other practitioners even where such services are recommended by Dr Marjan Jones.

The treatment must be undertaken at appointment times designated by Enhance Dentistry.

Provision of the gift will be subject to the recipient signing a consent form allowing for the use of their images, audio or video recordings in promotional material.

Nominations close on 30 June 2013 at 5pm AEST. Finalists will be contacted before 5pm AEST on 14 July 2013