Brisbane’s Most Deserving Mum – In her own words

We ask Lynn to share her experiences so far in her journey of transformation. Here’s what she told us:

The announcement
I had a visit from Dr Jones staff at home with a camera man and they interviewed us (me, my daughter and my husband) telling us that I was short-listed as a finalist. All the time I didn’t know I had been picked as the recipient of the Mother’s Day gift. Meg was wonderful keeping it a surprise and making me feel comfortable. We passed the afternoon with laughs tears and hugs, then with all the excitement and flare, Dr Jones appeared with a wonderful bunch of flowers and announced she would give me the gift of a dental makeover. Tears again all round and the start of my journey.

Visit 1 – A meet and greet with Dr Jones and her staff, and a thorough consultation, x-rays and examination. Also a good talk of what I can get done and what to expect. Everyone is quite excited to help me through this journey.

Visit 2 – Easy day , all moulds taken and I have a good idea of what is being done. Got to pick a movie, so I picked Eat pray Love and got lost in the movie. I had a laser treatment of my gums to lengthen the look of my teeth. Before I knew it Dr Jones had finished all she needed for that session. Then I got the hot towel treatment and a relaxing facial massage and I felt so pampered. I thought they just did it for me but they do this for all their treatment visits! Natalie, Dr Jones’ assistant ,was so empathetic and caring and calmed my nerves and reassured me at all times. So I have to really thank her also.

Visit 3 – A very big day. I admire Dr Marjan Jones’s stamina , she did a lot of work preparing all my upper teeth for crowns. I picked 2 movies Julie and Julia and Da Vinci Code and again got lost in the movies and didn’t realise how quickly the time passed. We stopped at lunch and Meg got me a lovely banana smoothie to keep me going for the afternoon session. I knew I was being prepared for crowns, and even though it was explained to me it was still a shock just how long it took but it was a lovely surprise to finish the day with me walking out with my temporary crowns on. I have a full set of upper teeth, the first time in 15 years. I feel my face has changed already.